Used Solutions

If you are interested in where we get our services from, you are in the right spot!

eMail Inboxes & Office Package Upgrades

eMails are provided from a Microsoft 365 Exchange with data hosted in Germany. By default, you get web-access to outlook and teams with an eMail inbox. A full business package from Microsoft 365 can also be provided through and supported by our team. This allows for local installation of the software, including Outlook and Teams.


Websites are hosted on a Microsoft Azure server in France. France allows for lower prices at the same quality level.

Performance & Uptime Monitoring

Performance and Uptime monitoring is provided via Atatus. Due to the way we host your webpages, we can provide per-customer performance monitoring and per-website uptime monitoring packages respectively, leading to even fairer prices.

User Monitoring

User monitoring is done with Matomo hosted by our team. The software has about the same capabilities as Google Analytics for a lower price.

Website configuration

The configuration is versioned with the help of gitea and automatically deployed via Secret Deployer.


HTTPS certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt via Webroot automatically.

Domain registration

The domains are bought and provided by HostEurope's nameservers. We have been working with Hosteurope for years already and the have proven to be a reliable hosting provider.

Quotes, Invoices and Payments

PayPal is used almost exclusively, so that all customers have the ability to get their money returned if we don't deliver.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

To help optimising both this site and customer sites Seobility is used along a few other additional tools. Additionally to very good reporting